Grand Spectacular Extravaganza O-Rama

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  • Oh no!!! Did we remember that this is a thing?

  • A fun life moment is walking by a building & wondering why it’s familiar & realizing it’s your crush’s apt that you Google streetviewed once.

  • This is literally the classmate I spent YEARS of my elementary/middle school existence being obsessed with.

  • jeez opes NAME DROP MUCH

  • ferniecommaalex:

    Years ago, when Sentimental Lady was on Harold Night, there was a night where Robin Williams came by the theater and asked if there were any improv shows he could sit in on. He didn’t ask in an entitled way. He apologized for asking, seemed to think that the answer would be “no”, and clearly had…

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  • ucblove:

    Just found this old photo of the Stepfather and had to post it.

    Don Fanelli looks so young in this!

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  • Through the beauty of the modern age I found out that the girl the guy I’m in love with is dating has the same fucking cutting board as me.

  • yonilotan:

    "License To Chill" starts it’s Friday Run TONIGHT at 7:30 pm at @ucbtheatreny. Come start the weekend with our butts!

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